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Ecole Bilingue (EB) is a French-American school located in Berkeley, CA. As the 2019 school year came to an end for this preschool-8th grade bilingual school, Farmer and the Fig had the opportunity to serve them for a number of occasions. From the 8th grade graduation ceremony and dinner to the year-end board meeting party and the teacher’s lunch, we enjoyed helping EB, students and staff alike, to celebrate another successful school year.

While our menus for these events varied, as the 8th grade class preferred things that the educators might not have favored as highly, there were several dishes that were highlights across all of the events.

Arancini is named after the small Italian oranges that they resemble. But the actual result of fried risotto balls is much more savory than this dish’s namesake. For one of the EB events, we made Artichoke Arancini, with a Lemon-Garlic Aioli sauce. Both faculty and children loved them.

Another dish that was a highlight from these events was the Tomato and Mozzarella Skewers with fresh Basil sauce. The light basil sauce was perfect for these first few hot days of summer. These were an easy snack for our clients to enjoy while they conversed with those around them.

A final noteworthy mention from these events were the Crab Cakes. Served with a fresh Arugula Pesto, this was another big hit. With a pesto that is lighter like one with an Arugula base, it is an easy summer night delight.

Congratulations to everyone at EB for a great school year! We can’t wait to serve you again next year.

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